About Us


In 2012, with the idea in mind of developing an ongoing annual memorial event on 9-11 of every year, Jo Brower and John Stross, as the driving forces, organized a Board of Directors and gave birth to Remember Honor Support, Inc. To date, RHS has raised nearly $500,000 in proceeds for the Special Operations Warrior Foundation, Paws for Patriots and the Gold Shield Foundation.

Brower has considerable experience in community, marketing and sales, while Stross, co-owner of Leverock’s Seafood, chaired the very successful CASA Peace Breakfast for 13 years. Brower and Stross reached out to their network of community and military leaders to determine if there were others in the community who shared their passion for this kind of event. The answer was a resounding yes. For several months they have put together a most impressive list of community and military leaders to help share the load.

John Stross passed away on May 24, 2014 following a brief battle with leukemia. A devoted philanthropist, John leaves a tremendous legacy in the growing accomplishments of Remember, Honor, Support. Jo Brower continues the great endeavors that they began together along with their committed board members. TBO recently featured an article highlighting the dedication of the RHS VP, sponsors and board members, following the loss of John Stross.

An accomplished and dedicated board of directors work with Brower to continue their vision for Remember, Honor, Support.

Remember Honor Support, Inc. (RHS) presents a powerful and moving 911 Memorial event year upon year. Our goals are to reach out to our local American heroes–be they service members, 911 first responders, firefighters, public safety workers, or families of the fallen–and to raise financial support for organizations that serve them. As each year continues, we work to educate and remind each new generation about the never-ending needs of our uniformed men and women returning home.

This year–the 16th anniversary of 9/11–the Patriot Day Memorial Event will be held on September 11th at the Historical Coliseum in St. Petersburg. Be sure to arrive at 7am to mix and mingle  with fellow supporters, our amazing heroes and our guest speaker. You simply must attend this event to REMEMBER, HONOR, and SUPPORT the service and sacrifices of our first responders, fire fighters, and public safety — the men and women who have served and continue to serve in the military, and their families!

Please help us spread the word!

For more information, email us at info@rememberhonorsupport.org

City of St. Petersburg Proclamation

We are honored to share with you the City of St. Petersburg Proclamation for 9/11 First Responder Appreciation Week, presented by Mayor Rick Kriseman at the 15th anniversary Patriot’s Day Memorial Dinner on September 11th, 2016. It was a proud moment for us to hear an official expression of our community’s appreciation for first responders and their families, as they work to keep us all safe. Thank you to each and every first responder for your service.

View the Proclamation in its entirety here.