RHS Community Outreach

RHS Community Outreach 

RHS supports local heroes and their families throughout the year, as needs arise.

We contribute monies for mental health support (including PTSD and TBIs), rehabilitation and therapeutic equipment, and accessible housing.

Our plan is to also support youth education programs — with the goal of informing the next generation of the need to remember, honor and support our nation’s heroes, and to understand the significance of 9/11 in our history.

RHS Community Outreach marks the expansion of the RHS mission. Since our first annual Patriot Day Memorial Event in 2012, we have raised nearly $500K in proceeds. As we raise funds throughout the year, RHS aims to provide financial assistance to meet the on-going needs of local charities that align with our mission.

RHS now hosts two additional annual fundraisers: Ride for RHS on Memorial Day and Veterans Day.  If you would like to organize a fun-raising event to support our mission, please reach out to us!

Donations from individuals and corporations will be gratefully received at any point in the year, according to your giving schedule.

One of the great benefits of  RHS’ Community Outreach is that those corporations whose budgets were set prior to our annual Patriot’s Day Memorial Event fundraiser will be able to support RHS goals throughout the year.

Please call Jo Brower to find out more about RHS community outreach. Thank you for your support.