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In Memoriam

You can honor a loved one or a special hero who has passed by donating to RHS in their memory. Your donation helps us provide critical support to our beneficiaries year round.

For donations of $50 and above, your honoree's coin image will appear in the next annual Patriot Day Memorial Event program guide. (Just make your donation prior to August 15 proceeding the next Patriot’s Day.) The coin image will also appear on our website.

In Special Honor

Honor your hero by donating to RHS! Your donation helps us provide critical support to our beneficiaries year round. Your honoree's coin image will appear in the Patriot Day Memorial Event brochure (if you order before August 15th) and on our website. Add the name of your hero below and add click on your donation amount (minimum $50) to get started.

You can Remember, Honor and Support our local heroes year-round by donating to RHS. Thank you!

Ordinary Heroes

Book available for purchase

Amazing collection of moving black-and-white photographs of recipients of the Medal of Honor that displays not the glory of war, but the underlying spirit and humanity of true heroism. Forty-eight portraits are combined with comments, observations, and statements from the recipients of America's highest military honor. This compilation of words and pictures of men who served in the U.S. Navy, Air Force, Army, and Marine Corps is both humbling and poignant. Each recipient's full official citation is included in the appendix.

This book has been autographed by our recent Medal of Honor recipients who have attended our 9/11 Patriot Day Memorial events.

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