Patriot Day Memorial Event 2018

Tuesday, September 11, 2018
7am - 9am

Doors open at 6.30am for table check-in
and breakfast with RHS Heroes.
Program begins at 7.30am sharp.

at The Historical Coliseum
535 Fourth Avenue North
St. Petersburg, FL


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Guest Speaker

Scott Neil

Special Forces Veteran, Scott Neil (ret.)

Scott Neil is a retired Special Forces Veteran with significant executive, operational and combat experience in the Middle East.

Following the tragic events of 9/11, he conducted numerous successful special operation combat missions as part of the Commander's In-Extremis Forces, one of the first to lead the Direct Action and Counter-Terrorism charge into Afghanistan, Iraq, and the Horn of Africa.

You don't want to miss this Green Beret's compelling story of being part of the Team that was the first to be deployed into Afghanistan following the 9/11 tragic events.

Check out their most recent released movie 12 Strong and the documentary Legion of Brothers to learn more about their amazing mission.

RHS Spotlights

In 2018, we will be highlighting the work of the following non-profits.

Since 2013 we have highlighted and supported the following non-profit organizations. Each supports our local heroes, police, first responders and their families.