Patriot 150 Club

RHS supporters often ask how they can help us progress our mission to remember, honor and support our heroes — especially when they are unable to attend our Patriot Day events, or to sponsor the event. That’s why we created the Patriot 150 Club.

By donating $150 to the Patriot 150 Club each year, you help us cover the costs of extending our community outreach plans, and to raise much-needed funds — while ensuring that the bulk of the money we raise goes to our heroes. We call it the Patriot 150 Club, but you are welcome to donate as much as you like — the Patriot 250 Club may not have as much of ring to it, but the extra dollars sure make a difference to our heroes!

Your annual renewable membership to the Patriot 150 Club gives you:

  • One admission to an RHS fundraising event (like the 9/11 Patriot Memorial event, one of our Ride4RHS Bike Benefits, etc.)
  • Opportunity to be the first to attend a RHS military event e.g. tour
  • Receive a RHS Never Forget lapel pin
  • Stay in the know with the RHS eNewsletter

We’re planning to expand the Patriot 150 Club’s purpose down the road. Our goal to increase a sense of community among RHS supporters and to plant seeds for the future. We believe it’s important that the next generation, and the wider community, understand the challenges many of our heroes face, from physical and mental health issues, to financial. Our goal is to raise awareness of the sacrifices our heroes face, and to ultimately to raise funds for the organizations that provide them life-changing services and support.

Reach out to to see how you can make a difference in the lives of our heroes by joining the Patriot 150 Club!

The Patriot 150 Club is an initiative organized by Remember Honor Support. Check back for details as we continue to develop the program! Remember to like us on Facebook!

We thank you for your contribution to this program!