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Ride4RHS Memorial Day!

What a great turnout and day Honoring our Fallen.

The high winds meant we didn’t get to ride, but that is not what the day was about. Memorial Day is about Patriots gathering together and Honoring those men and women who made the Ultimate sacrifice and for their families who carry on without them. It is a sacrifice that is easy to forget.

For those who have it, Freedom is like oxygen. It’s something we just have. Many will not understand just how precious either is until they are at risk of being taken away…

We remember a sacrifice made and a debt we cannot repay. Today we pray for the love of God i Heaven to bless the families of those who have lost loved ones while serving this great nation of ours. We pray to Him to bless and comfort the walking wounded who are still amongst us, and bless their families as well.

It is also our prayer that we remember their sacrifice and the precious gift of Freedom every day, not just once a year, anniversaries or when they are in danger of being taken away… so this we Pray- Amen. ???

Thank you to our host, the American Freedom Distillery, and to our sponsors: ABC Bicycles, The Birchwood, Bonefish, Kahwa Coffee, Great Bay Distributers, Nicklaus of Florida. Jersey Mike’s, Tracy and Eunice Livingstone of Pro Health and Col. John Alvarez and family.Thank you also to incredible musical duo, Nalani and Josh. Of course, none of this would have happened without our volunteers — thank you to each of you!

Please look out for our next Ride4RHS event on Veterans Day!